Heard this on the radio this afternoon & confirmed it here. A 34-year old man was sentenced to 60 days for repeatedly raping a 7-year old girl over a period of 4 years. The judge of the case stated that he no longer believed in punishment, and would rather have the offender undergo rehabilitation. Of course, the family of the girl (now 11) is heartbroken.

Exactly what is the criminal code? It prescribes punishments for criminal offenses, and is referred to by judges as a guideline for sentencing convicted criminals. It should not be overridden by a judge’s beliefs. Obviously, the victim’s rights were ignored by this miserable excuse of a human being, and justice for this little girl & the hell she went through were not considered.

There is a movement to remove this judge. GOOD!! The sooner you get rid of that miserable son of a female dog, the better. Little consolation to the family, though.

In the meantime, it’s obvious that Burlington, Vermont is not a family friendly town.