Having watched the State of the Union speech last night, I now understand why Ronald Reagan was such a forward thinker in leaving the Democratic Party. This Party acted like jerks, and showed their true colors.

I understand not showing support for the President during his speech by not clapping or standing, and President Bush did slap them around verbally for their actions on a variety of critical issues. But here are the items that I really think that show that this party is acting like their mascot, the donkey.

One of the President’s points called for making the tax cuts permanent. The Democrats sat there stone-faced & not moving. What do you think that they are going to do if they ever get back into power? Raise your taxes, of course.

Another point was the elimination of government agencies that were under performing, not performing, or did not add to the overall efficiency of the government. Again, the Democrats sat there stone-faced & not moving. Hmmm…they like big government.

The only time they showed life was when the President mentioned that Congress did not pass a Social Security reform. Then they jumped up, hooting & hollering & slapping each other on the back. However, the President put a cap on that noise by mentioning that the problem with Social Security still exists and needs to be fixed. Of course, the Democrats sure didn’t offer any alternatives last year, and still don’t have a plan to fix the system.

Of the many initiatives given by the President, the Democrats were not receptive of very many of them. Then again, they sure haven’t done their part either. They want things back the way they were when they had control of Congress.

In closing, the President did state that he wanted both parties of the Congress to work together on all of the issues, foreign and domestic, to move the country forward and be prepared for the future. Do you think that this reasonable request fell on deaf ears? I do.