Well, Pittsburg won as most people thought. It wasn’t an exciting game, but it was a lot closer than what I thought.

Seattle made a couple of plays near the end of the first half which didn’t make sense to me, and Pittsburgh got that first touchdown on a oh-so-close call that really could have gone either way.

The commercials were average in my opinion. Those that stood out in my mind as being the favorites are:

  1. The Fed-Ex commercial where the caveman was trying to send his “package”.
  2. The Careerbuilder.com where the guy is working for monkeys and the gal was working for donkeys.
  3. The Bud Light commercial where the guy was about to be mauled by the bear, only to have his buddy steal the Bud Light (Not cool, Dave!)
  4. The Budwieser commercial where the young Clydesdale started to pull the beer wagon (with some covert assistance).

Let your opinion on the game and/or the commercials be known in the comment section. Thanks!