As we have all heard by now, VP Cheney peppered one of his long-time friends with birdshot while hunting. The 78-year old is still in the hospital, but in good spirits & condition.

The media is going absolutely bonkers over this. Why weren’t they immediately notified as soon as it happened? How did it happen? Was it intentional? Will Cheney resign(!) over this? Was he drunk?

What drivel is this? Must be a real slow day to focus on an accident in which no one was killed. In retrospect, it makes sense.

The media needs to focus every little bit of negativity on the Bush administration. They will not focus on the real issues that matter – protecting the US from terrorism by whatever (legal) means, secrets being leaked by members of Congress and the media (treason!), & Iran’s nuclear ambitions (threat to every sane nation). All because they have some agenda to get the Dems back in power. What short-sighted BS is this?

The media is to inform the public on news, weather, and more news. The freedom of the press (or media) is to make sure there is a source of information, good & bad, about the doings of the government. It does not give them license to publish or otherwise make known information which our enemies could use to cause the citizens of this nation harm, nor to compromise intelligence or military operations against those same enemies. Editorials were to be clearly marked (called the editorial page!), and all sides of the news were to be completely disclosed (sound bites not withstanding). Instead, the media has turned into a giant propaganda machine for the out of touch Liberals, and have either made up or skewed information to support their view. But I digress since I have written about this earlier (link here)…

I’m sure we will hear more about this unfortunate event as time goes by. So far, VP Cheney has not spoken publicly about the incident, preferring to have the press secretaries handle it. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out. I personally would love to see the media get smacked down publicly for their idiocy over this entire event. And since Cheney is not a career politician, he just might be the man to do it.