First off, I need to state that I am needing to take a little time off from blogging. Life and an insane work schedule are catching up to me. The result is that I’m starting to shoot from the hip on my responses to comments on this and other blogs. Not a good thing, to say the least, especially if I can’t hold a decent train of thought while I’m typing. I will use this time to put in some decent research on a couple of topics that I believe are important. Hope you will find them as interesting as I do. I do intend on visiting your blogs just to keep up with what your interests are, and commenting if I can do so intelligently.

Now on to a few random topics inspired by the headlines and other places:

Partial Birth Abortion to be reviewed by the Supreme Court: I don’t think there was a single person that followed the Rogers and Alito hearings and didn’t know that there would be a case concerning abortion coming up before the Supreme Court. No matter which side you are on, this will be interesting.

Weapons of Mass destruction not found in Iraq: We know that Iraq had WMDs because he used them on his own people (the Kurds) and in the war with Iran. Any explanations of where they are now have simply not held up to scrutiny. So where are they now?

Where is your tax dollar going? How much is being wasted on unnecessary and ineffective programs & services? Waste is present in both military and social programs, and we all would like to know what is being done to cut it out.

What is your take on the state of America? Your opinion, please!

Does the ACLU represent your opinions? Again, your opinion, please! I think I’ll stop for now…