Ah, the change of the seasons!! It looks like the weather has finally moved out of the winter doldrums and charging into spring.

I’ve only been gardening for the past couple of years, and have decided to take on a couple of larger projects than in the past. The front garden area has been neglected for a little while, although servicable, and needs some work. Also, the back gardens (home of the Roma tomato garden) will be reworked as well.

Both of the areas will be planted with some perinnials I’ve had my eye on (and the wife’s), but there’s a lot of prep work that needs to be done. I’m surveying the areas, making planting charts, and otherwise doing lots of digging


As a result, my serious topic blogging is going to get put on hold for a little while, although I will drop in on your sites to try & keep up with everyone else’s interests. When I have time, I’ll post some humorous (and clean!) material for your enjoyment.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying the weather, and keeping the stress level down.