Sorry I haven’t been posting recently. My wife has insisted (along with the doctor) that I need to get into shape. So we both have joined a gym with a trainer. After a week, I’m hurting in places I had forgotten about.

Not that this is a bad thing! I haven’t worked out in 30 some years since I was in high school running track. I’m only 20 pounds more than when I graduated from High School, but the inches around the waist are starting to look ugly, and Liptor will only do so much for the cholesterol.

The end result is that I don’t have much time to blog at length – just little short blurbs on the usual. It’s a little hard to type when running on a treadmill, lifting wieghts, or trying not to get tangled up in the machines.

I am thinking about starting another blog geared toward the training experience, and would like to know what some of you out there think. Yes or no, and what would you like to see. Thanks!