It is a little interesting that the United Nations is calling on the United States to intercede in the Israel / Hezbollah conflict. Why? Isn’t that what they are supposed to do – intercede & be a mediator to nations or groups in conflict?

Apparently not. They have done nothing to mediate or otherwise take an active role in stopping the conflict. On the other hand, they like to send UN Peacekeepers (as observers) to these areas. And what do they do? Nothing except get themselves killed. They are not authorized to defend themselves nor to stop anyone from committing “war crimes” or some other nonsense. Indeed, in other areas of the world, these “Peacekeepers” are part of the problem. They have turned a blind eye to theft, rape, & murder, and have been known to participate in these activities. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The real theft is by the “representatives” to the UN. Kofi Annan’s son has been implicated in the “Oil for Food” scandal, and he isn’t exactly clean from this incident either. Other countries have used the UN as a front for their own illicit activities. That shouldn’t be surprising since most of the representatives from these third world backwater nations are representing despots, dictators, and otherwise not very nice people. How many billions of dollars have gone into the pockets of our enemies?

What is also infuriating (at least to me) is that any time a problem comes up (like the Israel / Hezbollah conflict) is that they expect the US to come riding in like the good guy in the white hat to take care of the problem after they complain and condemn the US!

Personally, I think that the US should stay out of the negotiating business altogether. Let Israel finish the job of wiping out a common enemy. If the Useless Nations wants to broker a peace, let them do it on their own if it’s so damn important to them.

After all, it will be good practice for them when Iran gets the bomb, puts it on a missle, and drops it somewhere in Europe because someone published another Mohammed cartoon…