By now, everyone is aware of the Pope’s comments concerning Islam, and the radical Islamic reaction condemning his statements. Considering that he was quoting someone else to prove some points (and the radicals proving the points for him), the fallout is expected. Of course, the Pope has issued his apology, and it is being rejected by a few of the more radical Imams.

While I realize that not all Muslims are not as radical as the media (and others) portray them to be, one does wonder why the moderate don’t tell the radicals to shut up. Perhaps they are afraid of getting their heads chopped off – after all, if the radicals don’t have a Jew, Christian, or other infidel to kill, they’ll find a Muslim not of their particular sect to kill (at least in the Middle East).

So now these Islamic idiots are using the Pope’s historical references to call for more violence against whomever they “feel” that has offended them in the name of their religion. How pathetic is it that they must grasp for excuses to cause harm to their fellow man to “defend their faith.” Are they not secure in the belief that Allah is all powerful and can defend himself?

On a deeper point, what is really being said here? The Pope made the reference that belief in a religion (referencing Islam) must not be forced upon a person, i.e., freedom of choice of a religion. History has shown Islam was forced upon conquered lands (and yes, I’m aware that various Christian groups have done the same at various periods of history). And yet the modern equivalent is being demonstrated and stated by the radical Imams and other “religious” terrorist leader – convert to Islam (our sect) or die. And yet, there are people who just don’t see that caving in to the “join us or die” proclamation goes against several of the basic freedoms that we enjoy in this country.

People who apologise for, make excuses for, or otherwise try & appease these nutcases are only making things worse. Firm, decisive action will eventually need to be taken against these promoters of violence. The question is, who’s going to do it? The moderate Islamic sects, or the rest of the world. The first is preferable, the second is not.

With the reactions to the Mohammed cartoons and now this, is there now any question that this is not a “religion of peace”, at least as practiced by some sects? If anything, these radical elements are pushing the world toward a religious war, not the other way around. What’s even more scary is that they believe that they will win, even though the world could be destroyed in the process!! At least that’s what I see if Iran’s radical leadership gets a working atomic device, sticks it on a missle & fires it at 1) Israel, 2) the Vatican, and/or 3) anybody else that’s an infidel. Oh well, at least they’ll get their virgins…