It doesn’t really matter if you are dealing with a used car salesman, a North Korean dictator, or an al Qaeda terrorist, negotiation relies on two things: If all parties are willing to give up something to get what they want, and if they are willing to keep their word. Which of the previous three people do you think you
could strike a deal with that would stick?

are so many people out there that are repeating the line “Why can’t we
all get along?” and yet never stop to think about why that is. They
believe that everyone is just like them, rational and willing to talk
things over to the point of working out whatever problem there is
between them, and sticking to the agreement. The fatal flaw in this
line of thought is that everyone isn’t like them, isn’t trustworthy,
and will do theirdamnest
to break any agreement at the earliest point in time when they can get
away with it and it is most advantageous to them.

Need examples? OK, here goes…

North Korea snookered ol’ Bill into giving them nuclear technology, and then broke their promise
& built a nuclear bomb. Radial Islamic terrorists will break their
word to all infidels because their interpretation of their religion
will allow it (talk to Israel on their negotiation history with any of
the multitudes of Arab countries around them). From the historical
perspective, there’s always poor Neville Chamberlain who gave away
another country in a futile attempt to keep Nazi Germany from going to
war (and we know how that turned out). Last, Iran’s nuclear program is
on & off the table so much that I’ve lost track of where they are
at, but would you trust their president to keep his word on anything
dealing with the restriction of nuclear weapons development in Iran?
Not with him promising the end of Israel first and the rest of the
world second to create an Islamic-controlled world…

there any question that this is why diplomacy, negotiations, and
compromise will not work in the long run with Islamic
radicals/terrorists such as al Qaeda & Hezbollah, countries such as North Korea & Iran, and a host of other untrustworthy nutjobs from around the world? Not in my mind.

I do agree that peace should be given a chance to work, but you had
better be prepared and have the resolve to go to war. Otherwise, we
might as well just give up & pledge allegiance to Allah, put the women in burkas,
scrap the Constitution & Bill of Rights, and put all of the
“undesirables” according to Islamic law (such as Christians, Jews,
Buddhists, atheists, homosexuals, Feminists, free-thinkers & other
non-Islamics) to death.