Heard on the radio yesterday & today that in a Long Beach High School they were celebrating a “superhero day” where the students could dress up as their favorite superhero. Three senior girls dressed up as Captain Underpants and showed up in flesh-colored leotards, capes, and, of course, underpants.  The principle thought that the costumes were just a little too suggestive, and sent the girls home to change.

There’s a couple of things that I’m a little confused about (OK, more than a couple, but we won’t discuss that at this point in time):

  1. Long Beach is in California, where it seems that almost anything goes anyway.  What seems to be the problem with girls dressing up in flesh-colored leotards, capes, & underwear if you can’t see anything? Linda Carter did that while acting in the “Wonder Woman” series…
  2. This High School has other related activities scheduled for their Senior Week:  Monday was Switch Day, where boys dressed like girls and vice versa. Tuesday was Nerd Day. Wednesday was Superhero day.  Thursday is Spirit Day, where they wear school colors, blue and white. Friday is Pirate Day.  So exactly when do the students learn anything?

Yep, students sure are preparing for life and learning after high school – on your tax dollar!!