In a previous post waaaay back in 2006, I stated my reasons for not liking HRC. Now that she is running for the highest office in the land, I thought I would add to and update my reasons for disliking the female of the Clinton name…

HRC cannot take a stand on an issue (for very long…) Besides the aforementioned flip-flopping in the original post, it took 6 speeches and two weeks to clarify her position on issuing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, and even now I have no idea where she really stands on this issue. Why is it so hard for her to take a position and stick with it without changing it because of a focus group’s findings? Or better yet, clearly state what her position is on the issue.

HRC takes a very biased view of the law (updated) When thinking about the above issue and HRC’s actions on the illegal immigration issue, HRC cannot and will not make a statement that people that are in this country illegally are criminals!

Healthcare reform (updated) In the last Democratic candidate debate, HRC made statements to the effect that everyone would be covered by governmental healthcare coverage. Not affordable coverage, but something that would be managed by the government. When was the last time that the government ran anything efficiently? All you need to do is look at other countries such as Canada, England, and France to see what raving failures their healthcare systems are.

Taxes (updated) HRC has come out (along with all the other Democratic hopefuls) in stating that she will want to raise your taxes. Of course she will – how else will the bills be paid for the bloated agency that will manage and pay for the government run healthcare system?

HRC plays the gender card badly HRC and her entourage have accused her opponents of attacking her because she is a female of the species, but tries to tell the rest of us that she is as tough as the rest of the boys. I’m sorry, HRC, you cannot have it both ways. And besides, if she is elected President (shiver!!), would you think that the rest of the world would give a rat’s behind that you are a girl, especially those female-repressing dictators, despots, and madmen?

HRC avoids tough questions Otherwise, why would she go after Tim Russert like she has, and her staff puts planted questions in her audience? Probably because she doesn’t want to take a position on almost anything that could hurt her chances of being elected queen, er, President.

HRC is not open to scrutiny HRC has made statements that documents on her role as First Lady are open to the public…that is unless you ask for them. The Clinton Presidential Library will not release any of the former First Lady’s papers because of a request by her husband not to release any letters pertaining to a shopping list of topics (which is just about everything). Given the incident with the Rose Law Firm billing records, should anyone really be surprised?

Do we really want more drama in the White House with another Clinton? Just think back during the eight years that Bill was President with all the scandals and controversy surrounding him and HRC, and that is what you would get if HRC is elected President. I sure don’t want it. Do you?