Counts from Real Clear Politics:


  • Clinton: 1012 Delegates with 211 Super Delegates
  • Obama: 933 Delgates with 128 Super Delegates


  • McCain: 697 Delegates
  • Romney: 244 Delegates
  • Huckabee: 187 Delegates
  • Paul: 14 Delegates

The interesting part of the Democratic counts is that if the Super Delegates are removed from the count, Obama is leading HRC 805 to 801. Just goes to show that friends in high places (along with political strong-arming & blackmail) will get you just about anything…

I am surprised at how close the Democratic primary really is. Just a few months ago, it looked like HRC was going to run away with the nomination with the rest of the candidates just along for the ride to make it look good. Now she has some real competition, the gloves have come off, and she looks desperate. Those shenanigans have not helped her, and Obama has narrowed the gap. The remaining primaries and caucuses will certainly have an impact, but I do wonder if the super delegates will really represent the people of the party or the will of the leadership of the DNC. Only time will tell.

On the Republican side, it appears that unless some miracle happens, John McCain will be the nominee of the Party. I’m really not sure if I like that or not – he has been described as a loose cannon by several of his counterparts. I also remember that he has supported the failed immigration bill and other pieces of legislation that I do not think were in the best interest of this country. Yes, he appears to be Liberal in his leanings.

So at this point in time, barring a lightning strike at the ballot box for a third-party president, it looks like no matter who you vote for in the upcoming Presidential election, we will end up getting a Liberal President. That’s not good for those of us with conservative leanings.

So what is now important is voting for conservative Senate and House candidates. These Congress-critters are the ones that will introduce legislation, ratify treaties, and confirm Supreme Court Justice candidates. If anything, it will be these representatives that will be important, not necessarily the President.

Yes, the 2008 election is more important than ever, and it’s not just about electing another President. It’s about who is going to represent you.