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Yes, it is official!!  Tom’s Place is now on-line!!

All comments and posts (with very few exceptions) have been transferred to the new location.  Look forward to seeing everyone there!!


By the time you read this, my wife and I should be winging our way to places much warmer than Michigan for a week or so.  Snow up to my knees, so where’s the Global Warming?

Since there won’t be Internet access, I can just feel the withdrawal symptoms already.  But I think the wife is going to feel it more!

Also, I believe I’m going to move the blog again.  So soon, you may ask?  While I like WordPress, I just don’t like the templates that they have.  I guess it’s the creative part in me that wants to change things (or the engineer part – I can’t tell the difference sometimes).

The new blog will be at Tom’s Place (  There are some posts there to see how the blog looks, but don’t comment there yet!!  I will import all the posts and comments to the new blog around February 18 after we get back and officially launch the site.

I will most likely keep the Blogger site (Tom’s Common Sense) and this site up for nostalgic reasons as well as providing links to the new blog, but updating will be rare, and comments will most likely not be transferred past the 18th.

So everyone get ready – there are more changes on the way!  And I apologize in advance for the trouble that this could cause.

Just a few comments on the events of the past couple of days…

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

I have today off, and tried to put it to good use. Going to the gym, playing nursemaid to my sick wife, cleaning up the blog. But regardless, there is a reason for this holiday – Civil Rights.

Unfortunately, Civil Rights is being confused with Diversity. Rather than go into a long dissertation, I would like to quote from an earlier post:

Government sponsored quotas & regulations will not change people’s attitudes toward diversity. All these will do is promote division, dissension, and resentment. I have noticed in recent years an increase of these attitudes. This is NOT what Martin Luther King had in mind.

His vision looked for the Negro people to stand side by side with the White people as equals, and to get there by self-sufficiency, not by a government mandate. He wanted his people to rise up to their potential, to stand on their own two feet, not by some law or subsidy. Patronage of the Negro was not his vision, but to join the human race as equals to any other ethnic group, to enjoy the fruits of hard labor through equal opportunity, and not through quotas…

Diversity is for everyone, not just for one group of people, and is to have people look and treat each other with respect and civility. Civil Rights is the legal position that everyone is to be treated equally under the law.

New England Patriots & New York Giants in Superbowl

In two weeks, these teams will meet in the next Superbowl. I’m leaning toward the Patriots to win and complete a perfect season, but I think the Giants will put up a good fight & make it interesting. The Colts didn’t make it this year, but at least there will be a Manning in the big show. I hope the commercials will be good…

Blog Comments & Links

The comments from Tom’s Common Sense have been moved over to this blog from the Haloscan database (although they are messy), and the internal links have been fixed. I’m not sure if or when the comments will be cleaned up (Gravitar notes, non-working Homepage) on this blog or not, which leads to…

Possibility of Moving the Blog (Again!!)

I’m seriously considering moving the blog to an independent server. Being limited to the standard WordPress themes just doesn’t give me the ability to change things around to the way I would like to present the blog. Thus, some exploring is being done.

At the moment, I have a test blog (which may be the place) set up at Tom’s Place. I’m experimenting, so the site will change from time to time as I try things out. And yes, some of the themes that I’m trying look a lot like the Common Sense blog. Please stop by on occasion & let me know what you think, and if you can connect to the site.

My wife won first place in an Olympic Weightlifting competition!!

This was her second match (the first was back in October), and she did very well, securing a gold medal for her age and weight class.

I didn’t participate in this one – injuries again. Damn bursitis… If she gets too far ahead of me, I’ll never catch back up. Oh well…

But I’m proud of her, and happy that she has found a hobby (?) that she finds rewarding in more ways than one.

As many of you have noticed (all five and a half readers), I haven’t been posting much. Life has, well, been busy.

Christmas this year will be a lonely one for the wife and myself. The son is spending his Christmas elsewhere, and this time, I’m the one that’s sick. A severe sinus infection is going to be the grinch that’s going to make my Christmas a miserable one.

But no matter – I have my wife, the cats, a roof over my head, food in my tummy, a job, and my (relative) health. No one can really ask for more and truly be happy or satisfied.

So when you gather around your Christmas tree and scarf down the holiday feast, count your blessings and remember those less fortunate than you in your prayers.

May everyone find peace in their hearts, and in doing so, bring peace to those around us.

…or to translate from German – “on the road again.”  Yes, I’m a traveling man again, only this time, it’s overseas to Germany.  The traveling won’t start until after the first of the year (thankfully).

I got picked for a program, interviewed, and then selected.  It’s a big responsibility, and I’m pleased that they wanted me, but there is a downside.


Fortunately, it doesn’t look to be over six months of foreign travel, but it looks like around a year in a plant in another state to help start the lines up.  Ugh…but that’s part of the job.

An upside is that I just might have time to post and read everyone’s posts with a little more regularity than recently.  And by the way, I’m counting on all of you to keep me informed on what’s going on back in the US.

So keep posting, and I’ll keep reading!

Unlike last year, we made it down to my mother-in-law’s house without incident or sickness.  And this year, we’re making the food!

Roast pork with all the trimmings was the fare this Thanksgiving, not turkey.  In my opinion, turkey is overrated and difficult to cook where it is moist, tender, and delicious to all.  Not that I don’t want or like turkey, it just takes soooo long to cook, and praying all the while that it turns out perfect.  So while you turkeyoholics are munching away on your dry, white turkey breast, we’ll have been feasting on the succulent “other white meat”.

On a more serious note, remember to give thanks for all of your blessings, and offer up a special thanks for the people in our armed services that will not be able to spend this Thanksgiving with their families.

I spent the day moving my son to an assisted living apartment.  It was a hard decision, but it was time to let him go and spread his wings.

I’m tired, and I hurt.  Glad I’ve been going to the gym for the past year and a half, otherwise it would really be a bad scene!

This was posted at my old blog:


By the time you read this post, I will be in the process of moving Tom’s Common Sense to another site. The last post with it’s screwy formatting finally did it. I can’t find the problem, and that’s it. I’ve had other mysteries as well with Blogger come up over the past couple of years, but enough is enough.

The new blog is Tom’s Fireside Chat at It’s “a place for intelligent discussion and inspired ranting.”

There will some delays in moving all the comments over to the new site since my time is limited. I hope that everyone will visit soon and update their links.

Last, I will check back with this blog from time to time to catch the comments that people make in the interim, but please find and make your comments at Tom’s Fireside Chat .

See you there!

Tom’s Common Sense came into being by publishing the “mission statement” for what the blog was to do. By and large, I think it’s lived up to that semi-bold goal. After 230-some posts, I might be slowing down a little, and contemplating moving the blog somewhere else. But regardless, I’m still going to hold true to my beliefs and thoughts. I just wish that I had more time to write and visit the blogs of others on the blogroll. But in the end, it’s still about the content, isn’t it? So keep reading, and keep commenting. I’ll be seeing you around the Internet!