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By the time you read this, my wife and I should be winging our way to places much warmer than Michigan for a week or so.  Snow up to my knees, so where’s the Global Warming?

Since there won’t be Internet access, I can just feel the withdrawal symptoms already.  But I think the wife is going to feel it more!

Also, I believe I’m going to move the blog again.  So soon, you may ask?  While I like WordPress, I just don’t like the templates that they have.  I guess it’s the creative part in me that wants to change things (or the engineer part – I can’t tell the difference sometimes).

The new blog will be at Tom’s Place (  There are some posts there to see how the blog looks, but don’t comment there yet!!  I will import all the posts and comments to the new blog around February 18 after we get back and officially launch the site.

I will most likely keep the Blogger site (Tom’s Common Sense) and this site up for nostalgic reasons as well as providing links to the new blog, but updating will be rare, and comments will most likely not be transferred past the 18th.

So everyone get ready – there are more changes on the way!  And I apologize in advance for the trouble that this could cause.