This blog is a continuation of my original blog Tom’s Common Sense at Blogger. Too many unknown problems with formatting of the posts is enough to justify moving the content (and comments) to another site. Eventually, this site will be moved to a stand-alone server, but that’s way in the future.

In the two years of writing, posting, and reading & responding to comments, I find myself more aware of the world and people around me, even if it is in cyberspace. Hopefully, that’s called maturity. There are many people that I would like to call my friends, others “friendly” enemies, and most, if not all, willing to discuss whatever topic that gets posted on these pages and their own. I intend to continue that journey.

This blog is intended to comment on the world that we live in as well as the journey through it that we call “life.” Opinions that are expressed may not fall within the reader’s belief system, but that’s OK – we are all different people with different opinions. The main point of a blog is to discuss what is posted, whether you agree with the content or not.

But let’s take the “common sense” approach to the subjects that are posted and commented on at this blog. The political lockstep that seems to be perpetuated throughout the media and the political correctness that is so prevalent in our lives will NOT be observed at this blog. Truth and facts need to be observed, and personal opinions will be expressed and noted.

So let’s leave the BS at home, sit back, and enjoy the ride, shall we?